An Orbiting Dilemma
by Brett Wortham
Trafford Publishing

"This girl had been causing him whole worlds of problems since earlier this morning."

Yurri is your average Joe: a human with a regular job and no special skills. The one good thing in his life is his girlfriend, the beautiful, bubbly, Jai-obsessed Janice. But Janice has a royal secret which soon catches up to her, and what starts out as a picnic date on the moon-planet Drylon 3 quickly turns into a series of wacky misadventures for the couple as they navigate through the galaxy, strange alien encounters, and their relationship.

Reminiscent of the comedic tones of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, this science fiction/romantic comedy/adventure story is a fun romp through space complete with bounty hunters, runaway princesses, and magic powers. The author succeeds at portraying different alien races, planets, and their customs without making the story seem tired or cliché. The only part where this stumbles slightly is in the explanation of the Jai, an order of mystic knights heavily inspired by the Star Wars Jedi.

In a universe where many odd and fantastical things exist, having the protagonist, Yurri, be an everyday man helps to balance out the story. He’s relatable because his reactions to everything happening around him are realistic. Yet, he still strives to do the right thing, in a reluctant hero sort of way, which makes him an endearing character you can’t help but root for. Janice is also a fun character with her various personalities and traits. The author plays around with the beauty vs. brains, dumb blonde stereotypes in a clever way that makes Janice a more well-rounded character. Janice and Yurri complement each other well, and their wacky space adventure is just as much a test of their relationship as it is a wild journey.

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