Anatomy Of The Truth
by W. D. McComb
TreaShore Press

"I had questioned whether I was crazy or not a few times in my life. But this wasn’t one of them. I couldn’t connect all the dots, but I could link enough to know things were about to get interesting."

Friends, family, and fatalities all intertwine in this intriguing mystery set in Mississippi. It's a contemporary tale of young people wanting to move on with their lives but unwilling to forego loyalty and friendship. As events begin to unfold that would test belief and commitment in the strongest of relationships, their resolve to never leave one of their own behind energizes a dangerous quest for the truth.

Jet is an extremely bright medical student who has had to overcome a lot in his young life. From the physical trauma of a devastating injury to the emotional pain of his sibling's death to the continuing concern for his mother's battle with cancer, Jet refuses to let anything keep him from his goal of becoming a doctor. But soon he becomes convinced that the cadaver he's been assigned to work on in his anatomy class—the one with the bullet hole in it—is actually his own brother who was supposed to have burned to death in an automobile accident. Can it be true? Is he imagining it? Was his brother's death not an accident? Soon Jet and his best friends are searching for answers to even more deadly questions.

Author McComb is an engaging storyteller who keeps his narrative moving forward even as he circles back occasionally to recount relevant histories and introduce supporting characters—many of whom take on major roles as the tale progresses. The author's expertise with medical-related products and procedures provides an air of authenticity that makes many of this yarn's villainous machinations as credible as they are malevolent. It's quite likely that mystery fans will likely find this both an entertaining and rewarding read.

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