And Into The Fire
by Rodney Atkinson with contributions from William Dorich and Edward Spalton
GM Books

"No one who has studied the European Union today can fail to miss the remarkable similarities with the Nazis plan of 1941, published in Berlin in 1942."

Atkinson has composed this treatise to establish his grave concerns about the composition and purpose of the European Union (EU). His research indicates that democracy was underhandedly wrested from 27 former sovereign nations that are now part of that union. Germany is in large part responsible for this "coup" which, he believes, has effectively changed European governments into what he calls "ghost parliaments." Since the formation of the EU, voter participation has dropped markedly, and the British constitution has been rendered impotent. EU principles signal a return to Fascism—state authoritarianism, restriction of free trade, political intolerance, and support from Roman Catholicism. Fascism's opposition comes from communism, socialism, and liberalism. The author cites former Nazi operatives who influenced postwar policies leading to the formation of the EU. He recommends that those Europeans who wish to live under a democracy again adopt a "declaration of independence" and re-assert "their right (under the UN Charter) as a sovereign nation state.” Helpful appendices include the “British Declaration of Independence” and “Charter of the Free Nations of Europe.”

Atkinson, a British political economist, writes with clarity and erudition. Having previously explored this and related subjects in other writings, his conviction is plain as he demonstrates an unwavering, well-organized position on the issues involved. He has included a list of his other publications along with the critical comments about them including praise for his theories, his understanding of modern history, and his courage in presenting uncompromising warnings for the future of Europe if changes are not put in place. Recent political initiatives in the UK towards withdrawal from the EU could be seen as support of the author’s case. His book offers fact-based, thought-provoking material that will be of value to anyone with an interest in current European political perspectives.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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