Angel Encounters
by Cindy Mackenzie

"What is an Angel? Simply, a messenger from God."

In this work, the author writes of her firsthand experiences, as well as those of others that have been relayed to her, about those who have encountered what they believe to be messengers sent to offer protection and comfort. The first chapter concerns her work in Croatia, where she was given stories from many who believe they were saved by angels during the war and ethnic cleansing that took place during the early 1990s. Following are several accounts of angelic encounters, some in the manifestation of a felt presence, others in the form of a human being that the person believed later to have been an angel. In all instances, these people attest that they have been in the presence of an angel sent to them by God.

The author's sincere belief in both the existence and the power of angels to intercede in the lives of humans shines forth strongly in the narrative. The stories are equally compelling. They range from that of a young girl caught alone on the streets of Karlovac, Croatia, as the city is being bombed, and who miraculously finds her way home, to one about a troubled young woman who is somehow saved after jumping to certain death. Each story reveals how the characters saw themselves being protected by angels. The author writes with a firm and convincing voice as she shares her faith with fellow believers and the general public. This heartfelt work features an interesting premise and presents a compelling argument for angels' existence.

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