"So why did I get to see angels? It’s a mystery to me. I’m... of Christian ancestry. Maybe my Dutch grandmother prayed them around me."

At various times, Tuck-Gleason needed comfort, entertainment, protection, deliverance, and encouragement about the changing directions of her life. She married three times, experiencing two divorces and life as a single mom. She moved between Canada and the southwestern United States and attended new churches multiple times. Gifts she received from angelic visits were the love of music and no fear of being alone.

The author candidly describes how for many years she did not feel free to describe her angelic visions with anyone. Also, she believes that knowing Jesus Christ is more important than ever seeing an angel. Once, when discussing her early life, the author mentioned the glorious cabin her parents had left her in while napping. There were billowing, white chiffon curtains and the most delightful music. However, her mother said it was just a bare cabin. Mother and daughter considered the possibility that she had been visited by angels as a young child.

In this, her first book, the validity of the author’s visions is evidenced by the different shapes and sizes of angels described and the ties to circumstances that prompted each visit. Some angels were the comforting size of a human. Others were twelve feet tall. Some were small and cherub-like. While many had wings, others wore the garb of watching warriors. Some arrived in groups and clung closely to her person. Others sat on a moveable bleacher to observe and cheer. At first, the author tried getting an artist to paint the experiences as she remembered them but was told that she needed to portray them. Showing her commitment to this project, she took art lessons in order to paint clearly what she saw. Her full-color book is a joy to peruse or share as a gift with a dear friend.

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