"Anger management is all about managing our expectations, knowing our options, and choosing the right response for every situation.

A simple book of 89 pages, it begins with cartoon drawings, a foreword, acknowledgements, and the introduction. This is followed by 23 chapters, an appendix, and a short bibliography. The chapters include information on how to live anger free, expectations, stress, depression, anxiety, and displaced anger. Also explored are relationship issues, pet peeves, and venting. The most pertinent chapters focus on forgiveness, self-esteem, and how to deal with angry people. The main premise is that anger is an emotion, and as such, is neither good nor bad, right nor wrong—it simply is. How we address our anger is the topic that must be explored.

Besides educating on the topic of anger, the author discusses coping skills including breathing techniques, looking at how you think/feel/react, and using visualization. Other key coping skills include forgiveness (which the author believes is the most powerful tool), respecting others, and using anger as a motivator. The social style test at the end of the book is fun to take and easy to address, although probably not statistically significant. The outcome of your test examines the four clinical responses for anger—suppression, open aggression, assertiveness, passive aggression—and where you relate on that scale. This can transfer into how you may need to explore changes for yourself regarding anger.

At times, the book is overly simplistic such as the discussion of depression and anxiety. Yet overall, it is an effective, easy-to-read and understandable book that provides a basic insight into anger management. The writing is without error and manageable for people in their pre-teens and older. Having read and understood this book, some readers may want to venture into readings that are more in-depth, something Stricklin also recommends.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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