Armageddon of a Different Order: Wake Up, America
by Dennis Dawson Elliott

"The world is losing respect for the United States because the president has demonstrated he cannot be trusted."

In a series of essays focused on both the breadth and a particular component of the Donald Trump presidency, the author of this book seeks to illuminate and call for accountability toward the myriad inconsistencies between promises and deliverables. From the Russia investigation to the concealed tax documents, the Supreme Court appointees and the constant turnover of staff, every remarkable fact or curiosity of Trump’s White House is examined and scrutinized by the author.

Challenging the reader to resist rather than persist, these essays are a call to action for a country that has enjoyed prosperity for centuries but must also endure greater scrutiny on the global scale, especially in a digital age. Despite being a warning to the readers and to the country about the dangers of Trump’s behavior both domestically and abroad, the author does manage to have a little creative fun while making his case known. At the end of the book, a short glossary is featured that contains many words relevant to the executive branch, their definition, and then an alternate definition in step with or tied to Trump’s actions in office.

The author’s background in journalism and media ethics no doubt causes the “fake news” discussion to be a particular sticking point but also gives the text increased weight considering the responsibility and necessity of a free press to fairly observe and report on the government. Readers who are either concerned for the state of affairs in this country and want to learn more about what makes this government abnormal, or those who wish to understand better why so many people are appalled or upset, will find this book very enlightening.

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