Aunt Mattie's Pie
by Sherry R. Coldiron
Trafford Publishing

"He'll wait until she's not looking and not standing anywhere nearby."

Aunt Mattie is the best pie maker in town. No one seems to know that better than her nephew, Jack. His favorite pastime is playing Hide and Seek. But the thing this sneaky bunny has the most fun doing is snatching one of Aunt Mattie's pies cooling on the windowsill… every day! But when the time comes for her to bake lots of pies for a big party in town, Aunt Mattie decides she has put up with his shenanigans one time too many. She can't have him taking even one of her delicious pies on that special day.

Can Aunt Mattie turn Jack away from his habit of pie stealing? If so, just how will she do it? The plan she comes up with on the day she delivers the pies for the party sends Jack running into town to stop others from eating those awful pies! Can readers guess how special Aunt Mattie made that pie—just for Jack? Will he have learned a valuable lesson?

Coldiron offers a sweet story with a well-thought out lesson for a mischievous boy. Skillfully blending humor and warmth, the author puts her personal stamp on this tale told in rhyme with playful drawings. This is an honest, slice-of-life (pun intended) story affirming the importance of not taking something that doesn't belong to you. Grownups will love reading Aunt Mattie's Pie to children. Early readers will find the rhymes easy to read and comprehend. It will become a favorite book to be read and enjoyed again and again.

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