Aussie Impasse
by Kevin Johnson

"Slowly, he realized that – whist the Granger family existed – his chances of capturing Orack were zilch."

This third book of this wildly imaginative trilogy returns to the story of David Granger and his family who are empowered with magic and grappling with evil forces bent on destruction and mayhem. Laden with intense action sequences and rapid-fire teleportation, the book leaps from David’s personal life to the global concerns of the United Nations to the cosmic consequences for the universe.

The tyrant Federov poses the first threat. He is followed by Farek, a villain who is determined to take out the Granger family in order to possess Orack, the all-powerful supercomputer keeping peace on the planets by foiling nefarious entities. David assembles a talented team of experts to take out Farek before his enemy can harness the power of Orack for evil purposes. Using military tactics, mind manipulation, and special ops-like force, the Grangers face off against Farek for one last fight to save the universe.

With a classic good vs. evil power struggle playing out in the trilogy’s conclusion, the emphasis is on action and adventure, and Johnson delivers with a thrilling ride to the ends of the universe. Along the way, reality gets left in the dust as the Grangers’ powers are increased, and Orack’s mind-bending and mysterious abilities are on full display. Suspense mounts as maneuvers are deployed on each side to outwit and outlast for world domination.

As with any trilogy, the stakes are high for a satisfying finale. Johnson sticks to the familiar worlds built from the beginning and indulges in the fantastical flourishes familiar from the first two books.

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