Aussie Knowhow
by Kevin Johnson
Xlibris AU

"Orack asked for a vote as to whether Lan should live or die. The silence was deafening."

David Granger’s adventures continue in this second book in the author’s trilogy. Less than a week after the events of the first book, David, his second wife—the witch princess Pam, their friends, and children are cooperating with the alien computer Orack after a devastating terrorist missile attack. The attack is discovered to have originated from the evil Zavier, whose quest for world-dominating power leads him to covet the supercomputing capabilities of Orack. After a tense battle between the Granger group and Zavier’s henchmen, Zavier is captured and awaiting justice. However, attacks continue throughout the area, and a criminal cooperation is unearthed that is pulling the strings of world governments across Earth with the assistance of otherworldly allies whom it seems may not have been fully defeated in the first book.

The brief chapters and overall structure of this novel call to mind a weekly adventure series on television. The principal characters find peace until a tragedy strikes somewhere, then they spring into action with preparations and training before embarking into a fight with a full rogue’s gallery of villains. The mixture of earthbound science fiction, alien species and technology, and traditional witchcraft and magic creates a unique recipe that fits right in with the story’s action/adventure slant. Packed full of memorable characters, dangerous situations, and plenty of battle, intrigue, and even romance, this story is one of the rare tales that pulls the reader in but also gives them space to breathe. It is perhaps best enjoyed two or three chapters at a time.

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