The Australian Tooth Fairy
by Holly Dean
Trafford Publishing

"I want my tooth to fall out so the tooth fairy will come, and I will get my crystal."

This fable, written by an Australian mother, seeks to teach children about a fresh take on the tooth fairy legend. When Layla and Ivy are exploring the Jenolan Caves in New South Wales with their mother and a tour guide, they are awestruck by the crystalline stalactites growing from the cave ceiling. The tour guide explains that the tooth fairies live inside these caves and keep the sparkling clean teeth that they collect there. This story is very exciting to the girls, particularly Layla, who already has a loose tooth. All the stories about fairies and crystals causes her to play with her tooth excessively until it finally falls out, giving Layla the opportunity to learn more about a real tooth fairy, straight from the source.

Combining real attractions with childlike imagination and creative parenting, this title is a nice story to share with young ones, either to prepare them for losing their baby teeth or to ease their concerns or fears about loose teeth. Each page is accompanied by a full-page illustration that is bright, colorful, and conveys the details of the story. Additionally, children can hunt and search for a tooth fairy hidden in every picture to get them more involved in the story. This book addresses a real concern for children in a way that is easy for them to understand and stimulates their imaginations, while also teaching them a lesson about life they may not even realize that they are learning. Any parent looking for a creative way to share a new outlook on the tooth fairy with their children will be very pleased with this title.

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