Awaken You
by Loretta Venten

"Discover you, your values, your beliefs, your potential, your love."

The author offers up a compilation of uplifting poems infused with mindful meditations and advice. As a work that began as a therapeutic writing practice, Venten shares what her poems have illuminated for her about the true nature of our world, our humble place within it, and the divinity that exists within ourselves. In passing along these realizations, it is her mission to instill awareness and open-mindedness in her readers, as well as the various lives they touch every day. Organized by sections, this collection revolves around the theme of awakening inner consciousness—the balance between mind, body, and spirit—through recognizing our individual sacred spark and our shared connection with one another.

Utilizing yogic language such as “prana,” “chi,” and “mind chatter,” Venten’s poems carry a peaceful quality, reinforcing her purpose of fostering internal growth and reminding the reader that they are composed of love and light. Her poetic style consists of stream of consciousness prose, without placing stress on form or rhyme but instead emphasizing cognitive lessons in truth and awareness. As Venten mainly explores philosophies and modes of thinking, these poems excel in presenting abstract concepts. However, they tend not to exhibit imagery, and the context is often clouded in elusive wording. At the turn of every page, though, this book of poems is a positive reminder of the truth that exists if only one awakens to it. Readers who find themselves at a crossroads, needing something to uplift and challenge them in the journey ahead, may find this to be a good book to consult for encouragement.

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