Back to Where We Came From: Our Foretold Journey
by B. Lising
Partridge Publishing

"...the book of Revelation was intended to prove that the Gospel is a single message."

As a skillful researcher, Lising digs out facts from the NIV Bible that point to a connection between the New Jerusalem (promised in the future) and what Christians currently call the gospel. Beginning in Genesis and culminating in the book of Revelation, the author proves that this connection indicates the gospel is a single message. Quoting from the Old and New Testaments, Lising backs up theory with competent explanations of difficult portions in Revelation. The author insists that the last book of the Bible connects all the dots.

Seven chapters in this book help the reader to consider significant concepts. These include the Spirit of Prophecy (which testifies of Jesus), the waters of deep darkness that resulted in mankind's separation from God in time past, death and resurrection of the Messiah pictured in baptism, the deception that caused humanity to leave the light of Eden for darkness, the old and new covenants that are now mixed together, admonitions for God's people to come out of Canaan, Egypt, and Babylon, and the truth about humanity's foretold journey from now back to where it originated.

The author, a mechanical engineer, believes in the perfect consistency of the scripture. He discloses biblical facts, which his scientific mind organizes into easy to remember combinations of numbers and bullet points. Readers with a basic knowledge of Christianity should be able to follow the logic the author uses to trace these three realms through time: Eternity Past (before Genesis), Inside Time (our current time), and Eternity Future (new heaven, New Jerusalem, new earth). Within these realms, Lising skillfully links together passages in Revelation, such as the prophetic seven churches, seals, trumpets, and bowls. In this short book, he has provided readers a veritable crash course from creation to the end times.

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