Be Wee with Bea
by Liz ONeill

"She was so upset, she immediately stopped all of her other exercises and began her ON GUARD exercise; her FEARS were back."

Growing up, Bea was relentlessly teased by her peers, who called her fat and clumsy. Though her self-esteem took a major hit from these taunts, her mother always offered her plenty of love and always provided Bea’s favorite treat: honey. Now that Bea is older, and living without her parents, the effects of bullying have carried over into her independent life, but she has found many types of exercises to help her cope and stay functional. From exercising frequently to meditating and talking to The Maker of All Things, Bea is able to keep her thoughts focused and her heart happy through much of life. When it comes to her friends, however, Bea can be a bit nosy and over-eager to solve problems that do not concern her, though it comes from a place of love and concern.

Many of the people that Bea interacts with, including herself, have dealt with some kind of abuse or serious trauma. By introducing these topics in an environment full of support and softer imagery, it can be useful to share with children who have had emotional trouble or a less than ideal home life. Though Bea isn’t perfect, she knows how to take care of herself and sincerely looks out for those close to her, providing a model for how anyone can be supportive of others in the hopes of cultivating a relationship that will help them through the tough times. By following Bea’s examples of either her exercises or her attitude, children who have dealt with bullying or self-esteem problems can adopt a lifestyle that will allow them to be happy and full of love for themselves and for others without feeling like they are somehow broken or wrong.

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