The Bear Who Wanted to Taste the Moon
by Zehra Fazal-Moledina 
Trafford Publishing

"Simon opened the door of the spaceship, crawled out with a spoon and scooped up some Moon!"

Simon the bear and his bird friend Caisey have an insatiable curiosity to discover what the moon really tastes like. They aren't content just to speculate. The duo wants to travel to the orbiting rock and take a real bite, so they decide to build a spaceship that will transport them to the moon's surface. Collecting an abundance of spare junk yard parts, Simon and Caisey work together to create a vehicle they hope will whiz them out of Earth's atmosphere. Eventually Caisey has to migrate south for the winter, but that doesn't keep the persistent Simon from completing his quest and uncovering the truth—the moon is indeed delicious and does not taste anything like cheese.

The Bear Who Wanted to Taste the Moon is an imaginative tale of friendship, adventure, and perseverance. The story is engaging and entertaining in its portrayal of a curious bear and his feathered friend who overcome minor obstacles to achieve their ultimate goal. In the characters of Simon and Caisey, the author captures a certain bright-eyed innocence that is characteristic of early childhood and will undoubtedly resonate with a young audience. The accompanying illustrations have a simplicity and charm to them as well. The unique painting style, bright color palate, and thick contrasting lines used by the artist are visually stimulating. The scenes fill the page and are composed well, doing an excellent job of portraying the story's central themes and ideas. Written in both English and French, the book is also a useful teaching tool for those hoping to impart a bilingual education.

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