The Beautiful Fish
by Evelyn Razilov
Trafford Publishing

"'It's a very long way, but if you really want something, it will come through,' said the crab. 'How?' asked the Beautiful fish. 'Just believe,' said the crab."

This is the story of a gorgeous fish in the deep, blue sea. She believes she is the most beautiful and unique fish around because she changes colors as her moods change. One day, while moving through the sea happy and red, she stumbles upon a crab that informs her that in the ocean far away lives a fish that looks just like her. Surprised by the news, she turns gray with sadness and wishes to see this other beautiful fish for herself. Wondering how far she would have to swim, the wise crab tells her that if she wants something enough it will happen, if only she believes. Sure enough, one day her dream comes true and she turns red with glee as she meets the other beautiful fish in the deep blue sea, and they become the best of friends.

This simple book teaches children about colors, feelings, and the important message of believing in the seemingly impossible dream and watching it come to fruition. The artful illustrations live up to the title with bright, beautiful colors and serve as a nice compliment to this charming story. While there are a few awkward sentences and grammatical errors, they don't detract from the message. It is a good choice for a bedtime story for young children.

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