Becoming the Woman God Intended Me to Be
by Dr. Tacoma R. Anderson
Trafford Publishing

"My prayer for you today is that God will reveal to you the spiritual and natural influencer he has created you to be."

Through many trials in life, author Anderson has gradually learned lessons that affected her healing through her study of biblical wisdom and a willingness to open herself to God’s will. As a child, living with siblings and her father, she felt the call of the Holy Spirit. When her father died, she answered an inner prompting to join the military, encountering many new lessons while deployed in Somalia. But, undoubtedly, most of her internal training centered on her relationships with men. She describes these with honesty, convincing the reader that she made many poor choices. She was sometimes drawn to men of the worst type and had repeated failures in finding a good, responsible, and faithful partner. Once, she even considered suicide, from which strange, perhaps divine circumstances rescued her. She has become a poet, preacher, and leader of a women’s group in her determined forging of a positive, righteous pathway.

Anderson has constructed her book as a candid memoir of her failings and triumphs, relating each step in her journey to biblical teaching and utilizing numerous scripture quotations. Her chapters are thematic, each ending with her wishes and prayers for the reader, especially women who have experienced or may be in the throes of making the kinds of poor choices that once plagued her. She suggests that one’s downfall may be the result of generational weakness that must be overcome. She advises against keeping bad company, even those of a similar faith who want to assert that they are superior to others. Her mistakes in gravitating toward dangerous and uncaring men provide an important element in counseling troubled women. She has directed these frank recollections and prayerful outpourings especially to them. Her inspirational writing might appeal to anyone facing a spiritual crisis, offering a realistic picture of a deep, life-rebuilding faith.

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