Being the Best You!
by Fayth Thomas

"Come on, let's play; let's not waste a minute of the little time we have together."

Young Darwin loves to tell his class about his life during group discussions, but the next topic has him feeling depressed and uneasy. Mrs. Thomas lets her class know that in the next discussion the children will need to say what job they want to have when they grow up. Darwin idolizes his father and appreciates the work he does, but he still isn't sure if he knows what he wants to be when he grows up. His mother suggests that he could become a doctor because Darwin is insistent about reminding his grandmother about taking her diabetes medication, but Darwin remains unsure. After getting some extra encouragement from his father about taking control of his own life, Darwin sets out on his career decision with confidence and focus that will last a lifetime.

Some children can figure out what they want to do with their lives almost effortlessly while others have doubts and indecision about it. This book serves two purposes by first teaching kids that the thing they could be best suited for is probably related to the things that they feel strongly about or love to do. The second purpose follows Darwin's insistence that his Nanna take her diabetes medication and instructs families the best way to prevent diabetes through nutrition, offering substitutes that can be applied to virtually any recipe to make foods healthier and reduce the risk of developing diabetes. At the same time, children can learn the value of following their talents rather than any other societal pressure and also learn the seriousness of diabetes and how best to avoid it. With colorful illustrations and a message of empowerment and support, this book is perfect for children who may be anxious or embarrassed about not knowing what path they want to take in life.

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