Bejeweled Poetry: Revelations Sensations Creations
by M. Jewel H.
Trafford Publishing

"Sensations romanticizing every tenuous extended fingertip to the endearing touch enough to grasp the entire beings embodiment."

In Bejeweled, the speaker has a knack for tackling one of the most difficult aspects of writing poetry: transferring the wave of emotion and feeling from the mind and the heart into words that will stir the individual. Filled with strong, sensuous details, each poem in the compilation takes on a life of its own. Jewel H's collection uses short, crisp stanzas that flow well. The reader is rarely trying to figure out what the speaker means; instead, he or she is able to enjoy the potent word choice and vivid imagery that infuse the poem with energy.

A good example of effective rhythm is "Verse is Solace," which depicts the peace one attains when writing. The author's prose never hides behind a veil to convey her message. On the contrary, the message of each poem is blatantly obvious, yet makes the reader dig deeper and relate the poem to his or her own experiences. Perhaps what makes these poems special is the relatable factor. From poems about surrendering to love to the breaking of one's heart, the experiences are, more or less, universal. Interestingly, lines like "I am my own rescue," in "Revelations" shed light on loving one's self, and depending on one's self rather than always looking outward for help. In the duo of poems "Deal," and "No Deal," the speaker shows how unconditional love deteriorates when what's expected in a relationship and what is reality are completely different.

Numerous themes run concurrently throughout Bejeweled, but none are perhaps as enticing as the idea of washing away the old and bringing in the new, as the speaker does in "Along Came Better." "Mosaic," with alluring images of, "rummaging riders trample with hooves and wheels," and "The Heartbreaker Cannot Heal," with images of the speaker suffocating and bleeding out are memorable examples of vivid imagery. Ultimately, a slew of themes dipped in highly descriptive and engaging verse make this a must-read for all poetry aficionados.


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