Better Believe: A Story of Hope
by Ruby Lee Tuesday
Trafford Publishing

"Just know within your heart that no person is born to be unhappy and down."

This is the personal story of a work in progress. Ruby Lee Tuesday is no longer a frightened girl running from abusive parents in Norway. But, she is not yet the Nashville singing star her music talents promise to make her. The miracle of the author’s escape from being her father’s property began in her own dark bedroom with its single window in the roof. In spite of this Communist household, Tuesday discovered that God loved her and encouraged her not to hate her family—neither the father who molested her before she was five, nor the jealous mother who assaulted her. Perhaps her knowledge of God resulted from having a missionary uncle in Ethiopia.

Miraculous protection followed Tuesday even when she was using drugs and making her own way by the songs she wrote and the bands she played with. A miracle brought her to Nashville. Hours after writing down a promise to herself to be there by April, a total stranger having just sold his apartment gave her the equivalent of $1000 to seek her dream.

Arriving with no money and only a little English left from a study trip ten years earlier, she dragged two suitcases along the streets until she was directed to the Nashville Rescue Mission. There she dried out from drugs and experienced healing as long-buried memories surfaced, like bubbles rising and bursting apart in the air.

Much of Tuesday’s book was written while she lived in the homeless shelter in Nashville, as part of healing therapy for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The 122-page book also contains songs and devotions she wrote during this period. Tuesday’s hope is that Better Believe will help others like herself heal.

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