Big Wave Surfing: Extreme Technology Development,
Management, Marketing & Investing
by Kenneth J. Thurber, Ph.D. Beaver's Pond Press

"Big wave surfing is an extreme sport practiced by a few unique individuals. It is quite similar to the high-tech industry in that a few individuals take high-risk chances played out on steep growth curves."

The concept of surfers catching the really big waves and riding them to shore is uniquely compared to making money within the field of technology. The ocean storms which create the impetus to the giant swells are shown as similar to disruptions in society which bring about industrial innovation and the potential for large-scale profits (i.e. riding the big waves). Yet Thurber goes beyond the analogy to describe a state of mind where one needs the acuity to spot the disruptions in society and the fortitude to follow through in taking these technological advances to market. As Thurber describes, not only do big wave surfers and their counterparts in technological innovation have nerves of steel, but a focus and drive to see their products reach the topmost levels of earnings, then they can jump off the wave and find a new one to ride.

This in-depth guide to becoming a technology entrepreneur is thoughtfully organized. Each chapter has numerous brief vignettes to illustrate multifaceted ideas as well as a quick summary at the end of each chapter for a handy reference. Thurber also has a great ability to simplify intricate theories for those new to extreme technology and gives interesting examples from within the front lines of his background as a developer, manager, marketer, investor, and educator. His synopsis on the lion hunters, wounded rabbit killers, and assistant trainers that attended his seminars is eye-opening to would-be presenters. With the ease of a seasoned speaker and businessman, Thurber boils down dramatic yet complex business concepts for the not so faint of heart.

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