Big Wishes for Little Feat
by Cheryl Olsten
Fleecydale Press

"What Lafitte loved most was to jump over everything he saw: stone fences, fallen trees, a stream in the back of the field. If the obstacle was too difficult, he practiced and didn’t give up until he could fly over it with ease."

In this beautifully illustrated children's book, a young horse named Lafitte finds himself small in a world where he has big dreams. As he grows, he wants nothing more than to be adopted by a wonderful family. Though he doubts himself and is disappointed when no one chooses him during an annual horse sale, his mother gives him hope that keeps him believing that one day that special person will arrive.

On the other side of the world lives just that person—Ella, a young adventurous girl. Though unfortunate events are the catalyst, fate brings the two together when Ella must leave her parents to live with her aunt all the way across the world. Ella arrives in Belgium, feeling lonely and missing her family despite loving her aunt and the time she spends with her. Meeting Lafitte, who she renames Little Feat, might be the best choice she ever makes.

Seeing that the story is based on a real horse in the first few pages of the book makes the tale even more heartwarming than it already is. Even though Little Feat is very real, he stands as a metaphor for reaching for the stars—one that is bound to inspire and give hope to those of all ages. On top of Olsten's wonderful and rich writing, Paolo d'Altan's illustrations work in sync, bringing as much magic and awe to the page as every word. Furthermore, d'Altan uses a warm palette of colors that creates vivid and smooth illustrations that are bound to fill any child's heart with adoration just as profoundly as Little Feat's dreams and determination.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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