The Black Clergy's Misguided Worship Leadership
by Christopher C. Bell, Jr. Ed.D
Trafford Publishing

"To be black and accept consciously or unconsciously the image of God as a white man is the highest possible form of self-negation and lack of self respect..."

This book took great courage and deep insight to write. For readers interested in the causes and consequences of racism in our country, as well as for those interested in the history of the development of Christian doctrines and practice, this is an important and enlightening book. The author points out that Jesus the prophet who preached to not perpetuate hostility with anger but to love and forgive, who taught not to hoard but to share wealth, and not to abandon but to care about others, did not, in fact, found the Catholic church.

It was the Roman Emperor Constantine who founded the one universal church of Rome, motivated by a desire to dominate the people of his empire. The author calls this "Constantine certified Christianity" and recommends a new form of Christianity that involves a concept of God that is not restricted to a race and gender specific anthropomorphic entity. Rather he recommends worship of God as the source and sustainer of all life—a universal source of life energy that we all share equally—so that we can all view ourselves and each other with equal respect, regardless of color or gender. He in no way disparages Jesus who would still be honored as a good and gifted teacher.

The author also addresses how this business of worshipping a white male affects relationships between black men and women. Women of all colors will be inspired to consider how the worship of a male figure has affected their lives these past two millennia. For anyone concerned about how religion could and should better motivate everyone to be all that they can be and to make this a better world for all of us, equally, this is a must read—whatever your race, gender or ethnicity.


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