The Blood Inside

by Chris Parkhurst
Trafford Publishing

"Rin gets blindsided by the energy blast and gets knocked across the field. She stands back up and stares at the archangel."

Heaven and Hell clashes in a classic struggle between good and evil in this story of twin sisters. The younger one, Kira, is a devil, while the older sister, Alita, is only part devil and has more angelic blood. Their mother, Lilith, had an affair with an angel, and when the twins were born, she gave Alita up for adoption, since the angelic gene was prevailing in her. Now by a stroke of fate, the two sisters meet each other, and a life-long feud is established when Alita kills Kira’s longtime friend, Saya. The sisters and their teams of supernatural friends have many fights, as one team tries to eliminate the other. Finally, Kira kidnaps Alita’s parents, and it all culminates in a last fight in the woods for both sisters.

This book has a good premise: the traditional struggle of opposing forces. The story has good fight sequences and is heavily influenced by manga and anime, as the author states in the preface. There is a plethora of witches, demons, and other supernatural creatures, which adds a good fantastic element to the plot. More character development and more active prose might enrich the narrative. The majority of the characters seem to be Japanese, yet the story doesn’t take place in Japan. This would be a good book for lovers of anime, manga, horror, and action/adventure stories.

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