Blue Bonnie Butterfly
by Mark Gregory Washer
Trafford Publishing

"...yet, dreaming big dreams is what butterflies do."

This is a delightful picture book, which points out everyone's capability of doing something special. The main character desires to do more than she is created to do, but this does not stop her from "dreaming big dreams." This book encourages young readers to find out and appreciate their talents and gifts.

Bonnie, a carefree butterfly, can soar and race through her environment. Using captivating and vivid imagery, Washer opens the mind's eyes to see how the sudden obstacles presented by Lucas Lizard can bring positive outcomes. Bonnie does not allow her resulting altered state to slow her down; things could be worse. Instead, she chooses to focus on making adjustments to put to use what remains. Now, she can float at a standstill like a bee.

She later encounters a turtle living the life she wants to lead—swimming in the water like a fish. During their exchange, Bonnie embraces her life and what she is actually able to do. Overall, her point-of-view changes and she recognizes the value of her special abilities. Bonnie also puts into perspective and develops an understanding about the capability of other equally-gifted living things.

The tale's simple lesson is easy enough for children to grasp and adults to effectively impart. Blue Bonnie Butterfly is an insightful children's story for all to read. Kids will no longer place greater importance on what others can do; they will value their own worth.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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