Blueberry Dreams
by Calvin Earl Dallas
Stratton Press

"I was talking to a member and letting him know that I knew I was a dreamer even when I was a child."

Every night is an opportunity for the human mind to wander through the mists of imagination and discover surprising and surreal events, people, and landscapes. In this novel, the author recounts several such journeys of his own, organized in a chronological fashion and following the subtle subconscious threads that chain one thought to another. Following the dreamer from one scene to the next, there are specific recollections of conversations with loved ones, societal anxieties, sexual desires, and spiritual encounters in a realm where there are no limits or rules. Profoundly descriptive and artistically captured, each dream is thoroughly described for its length and to the best of the author’s ability, while wholly at the whim of the abruptly ending nature of dreams.

More of a bold and avant-garde work of consciousness than a journalistic retelling of dreams, the author’s writing style is what makes these pages leap into the imagination. Dreams have long been a source of mystery and wonder for the mind, and to be able to hear such thorough accents of someone else’s allows the reader to identify similar themes, moments, and imagery that point to a potential language of dreamers. However, this is more a creative endeavor than a scientific one and provides the author with an outlet while giving the reader a rich source of imaginative and surprising content. A book like this toes the line of prose and verse, giving the audience a story told in fragments and points of curiosity, constantly leaping from one interesting scenario to the next.

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