Blugee: The Blugees Book 2
by Edward Morse
PageTurner Press and Media

"The spiders were coming over the mountain in droves. Then everything got really scary. The spiders seemed to be like the game in superior mode. They started jumping like they did when Charles was playing."

The planets of Blugee and Dearth are shrouded in the shadow of war against their enemies, the dastardly spiders. It has raged for years, shaping the planets' physical and political landscape and forcing many of Blugee's residents into the military. Four young boys grow up in this world, abandoned by their families, their military fates already sealed. But when a young couple offers the boys a good home, they band together as brothers and grow up into brave young men ready to face their destinies. As they embark on their journey as fighters, they learn to harness their strengths and apply them to the tasks before them, helping to advance the fighting and weaponry. They may just be four young men, but their presence on the battlefield will change the shape of the war forever.

This second installment of the Blugee chronicles shows how powerful the combination of friendship and personal strengths can be. It's an energetic blend of action movie antics, science fiction, and fantasy. The book delves into the more realistic aspect of war and fighting, shedding light on weapon and armor development, training to fight, negotiating with the enemy, and much more readers will have to discover on their own. The story follows the growth of these four boys-turned-men as they navigate the complexities of various large-scale conflicts, from a war against the unknown to finding peace and understanding toward those different from you. Readers should enjoy joining this full cast of memorable characters on an epic journey of growth, time, and a fair share of secrets. Simple writing and engaging action sequences make this a fun read!

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