"While they were gliding around, they might see The Lop-Eared Frizzel Frop on top of his mountain, or they might see The Squail sailing around the pond."

MB plays with his friend Dreck at the zoo on quiet days and with his friend Sheck on pleasant, clear days. Dreck, a giraffe, stretches his neck out, and MB climbs it to see all the animals in the zoo. MB then dreams about all his zoo animal friends including ducks, giraffes, lions, and bears. The Juck takes MB to see the monkeys, and the zookeeper informs the friends that the monkey is stuck in the tree. Will MB’s friends help the monkey, or will the frightened animal remain stuck in the tree?

Tegtmeier writes a charming story of a joyful child and his animal friends in this engaging read. His unique style uses rhyming words reminiscent of those by Dr. Seuss to make the reader laugh and engage with the story. His repetition of short vowel sounds such as neck, peck, and deck teach a young learner about rhyming and patterns. The author demonstrates the use of similes in the book to help the reader visualize a concept, such as comparing the “Stretchy Dreck’s” neck to a fireman’s pole. A child reading this book can use his vivid imagination to visualize a giraffe stretching his neck so high that a child can climb it.

Tegtmeier sets up an interesting challenge for MB to overcome using the relationships he has created with his zoo friends. At first, the transition from the adventures of Deck, Beck, and Sneck to MB’s visit to the zoo can seem a bit confusing, but as the story progresses, the reader connects the relationship between the two worlds. The colorful illustrations are a beautiful enhancement to this fun story, and fans should eagerly anticipate the next book in the series.

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