The Bootstrap Ultimatum
by Avraham Azrieli

"Ben's legs hit the motorcycle first, and the rest of his body fell over sideways and landed on the ground horizontally. The back of his head hit something hard, and everything turned dark."

Technology continues to make communication easier, not only between people but also among machines. Financial institutions, government databases, and even the power grid are all connected via the Internet, and while this allows for time-saving convenience on the behalf of legitimate users of these systems, it has also opened cracks that have sometimes been exploited by those with the knowledge and the means. Azrieli combines the threat of national economic collapse due to cyber hijacking with a powerful message about holiday priorities in his latest novel.

Ben Teller, the author's motorcycle-driving investigative reporter returns in a fast-paced ride against the clock to stop a computer expert from turning Memorial Day into a country-wide crisis. Disgruntled with the commercialization of the holiday, the hacker causes a handful of retailers to issue bogus coupons advertising that any item in their stores can be bought for only a dollar. Making Black Friday sales look sedate in comparison, rushing shoppers go on a rampage, often hurting innocents in their wake. Ben thinks he may know who is behind the attacks, but how can he stop someone who seems to not only be able to track his every move but who is also starting to target him?

Short, well-written chapters, interesting characters, a thought-provoking message, and plenty of action make this book difficult to put down. Azrieli seems to have mastered the art of the medium-length thriller, and fans of Ben Teller and his charming girlfriend Dr. Keera Torrens won't be disappointed with this entertaining sequel.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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