Breakthrough in Golf
by Curtis Elliott
Trafford Publishing

"Using the hips to square up the clubface at impact is an extremely critical concept. Great players do this consistently, and players of lesser ability do not."

For the casual observer golf appears to be incredibly simple, but anyone who has actually played the game knows that not only hitting but actually driving that little white ball to where you want it to go takes a great deal of skill. The Tiger Woods and Ben Hogans of the world understand the crucial importance of the golf swing, but just how hard is it for the amateur to master? The author, although not a professional in the sport, spent three years focusing on just this one aspect of the game. The result is a well-researched and practical primer designed to transform the most hopeless hacker into someone who can hold his own for eighteen holes.

According to Elliott, much of what keeps many learners from perfecting their swings is not only the sheer volume of instructional materials available to them but also the numerous tips, tricks, and fads that come in magazines and e-mail in-boxes. In addition, too much emphasis is often placed on techniques for the arms and hands as well as positioning the clubshaft and clubhead, when the real attention should be placed on the action of the golfer's hips. In response to this problem and based on findings from his personal research, the author has developed his trademarked Hip to Hip Method which is discussed in detail throughout the book.

In keeping with his background in law, Elliott develops his topic in stages, presenting his case methodically and with convincing arguments. Ample illustrations as well as an entire chapter devoted just to drills and exercises help make this groundbreaking guide an essential book for the serious golfer.

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