Breath of Joy: Winter Whispers
by Kathy Joy
Capture Books

"Christmas is a collision and a kaleidoscope...
a collage, and...
a moveable feast."

Prepare to take a photographic journey through the winter season with all its wonders and glories in this lovely book that combines poetry and photography. Always venturing towards the silver lining, the text guides the reader through the joys and pitfalls of the winter season to reflect on everyday blessings. For instance, Joy points out that taxes may be higher, but this is so that they can lead to retirement benefits, guiding the reader to view this unpleasant task through a more positive lens.

The poetic writing is combined with perfectly paired photographs that bring to life the essence of the words and evoke a myriad of emotions. Joy expertly guides the reader through a meditative and pensive look at the winter season, counting blessings and finding the light among even the seemingly darkest moments. Although winter may bring snow, awkward greetings, and burnt toast, Joy invites us to reconsider these moments for their beauty and the goodness that they may also carry. When combined with evocative photography, this book is truly a pleasure to explore.

Full of beautiful images, expressive language, and lovely sentiments, this book shines with the grace and splendor of winter. Joy truly embodies her name as she leads the reader through the majesty of the holidays and the gifts of the season. Whether a reader may already love winter or may prefer other seasons, this book illuminates the everyday majesty of winter and its many elements. Joy has created a lovely work that could be used as a devotional, a guide for meditation, or simply as a visually pleasing journey.

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