Brownie Bill and the Health Pirates
by Byron Oberst  MD, FAAP
Trafford Publishing

"Brownie Bill showed how tough he is and what a good leader he is by taking charge of all of the good guys and guiding them to victory over the bad guys, the germs that entered little Bobby’s body!"

Brownie Bill and the Health Pirates is an informative story that teaches children why we get sick and the steps to get well. The wording in the story, at times is hard to understand, especially for children, but with an adult's guidance they can explain what a "corpuscil" is and what it means to be dehydrated. Overall the story is fun and informative. The illustrations are colorful and bright and will capture children's attention. The concept behind the story is very enlightening and astute. The author has taken medical terms and procedures and created a story that will help children know the steps they need to take to be healthy, so they can do the things they love to do.

When you and your child take a journey to Healthland you will feel like you are right beside Brownie Bill fighting bad Black Bart and his pirates. The combination of facts and fun make this an enjoyable learning experience for children and adults. Teacher's will find this story very helpful when teaching about the body and how it works. This book stresses the importance of hygiene and how having good hygiene, like washing your hands, can help rid your body of germs. Personifying the bad germs and having Brownie Bill fighting them to fight the virus or infection, gives children a mental picture that will help them understand what their body does to combat bad germs. Your children will want to take an adventure with Brownie Bill anytime they get sick.

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