Bucky and the Navigator
by Kristiana Pelot
Xlibris Publishing

"On this mission, he and the Navigator want to find the hiding places of the Night Weezers. So far, all he has to go on is the sound they make."

Bucky is the middle child in a family of four with an older brother and younger twin sisters. Bucky is a very imaginative child and has great adventures with the Navigator, a quilt crafted by Bucky’s grandmother at his birth. The Navigator and Bucky have been on numerous adventures and the Navigator always keeps Bucky safe no matter where they go and what mystery they are solving. Now Bucky and the Navigator must discover the mystery of the Night Weezers and protect Bucky’s family. To do so, Bucky must brave his fear of the dark, conquer his dread of what is lurking behind the bathroom curtain at night, and travel with his protective Navigator all over the dark house at night to find where the Night Weezers are hiding before the Night Weezers have time to claim his family.
Pelot has created a captivating story by building on the grand imagination of all young children. She recreates fear of the dark that nearly all children have and can relate too. Then, Pelot describes how through the strength of a friend, human or not, children can overcome that fear by focusing on their unconditional love of family. Pelot also incorporates that special childhood possession all adults can think back and remember as being the most important factor in childhood, for Bucky that is a quilt named Navigator. Pelot creates a brave, imaginative character children can relate to when hearing this story which brings the story to life for her young readers. Children can compare their own fears with those of Bucky’s and see that with a little strength in oneself, all fears can be overcome through love and friendship.

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