Business Development and Entrepreneurship in a Stressful Economy
by Dr. Anthony F. Ciuffo
Trafford Publishing

"To some people, a successful entrepreneur is someone whose business has survived over a period of time."

In the present day, the economy has been a source of woe for many Americans, especially for those that operate a small business. It is not, however, an impossible feat to operate or even open a new business under these market conditions. By studying the market and understanding the internal and external factors that entrepreneurs have to consider in managing their business, the new small business owner can also thrive. This title will help everyone from the casual investor to the entrepreneur herself to decode the economy and decide which risks are worth taking and which need to be avoided. By the end of creating a plan that follows the concepts presented here, the economy may be swinging back to a more lucrative position, but a business will be better prepared to weather the storm if things tip in the other direction.

Presented in a textbook format, this title helps readers grasp key concepts with charts, graphs, and vocabulary terms after each chapter. Even those with no background in economics will be able to grasp enough of the key ideas to run their own business confidently regardless of the economic situation in the country or worldwide. This book also reads a lot easier than the average economics textbook, and despite getting into some complex ideas, stays accessible and easy to understand within a wide range of the audience's education, formal or first-hand. While the weekend economist or thrill-seeking investor might not get a great deal of data from reading this book, it should hold a spot on the bookshelf of any budding business owner in this current day and age.

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