Business Objects & SAP BW Integration
by Robert DuPrey, Ph.D.
Trafford Publishing

"Organizations today of all sizes find themselves increasingly awash in data yet hungering for information to help them met their business objectives."

Despite how many computers are bought every year for business use, the majority of their users could probably not adequately describe how a server functions in a network, never mind tell you what the initials SQL stand for (No, it's not "squirrel"). Yet for those in the know such as IT professionals, BI project managers, and OLAP developers, understanding computer-related jargon and using the materials associated with it are essential parts of the job. In his new book on SAP's Business Objects software, Duprey is writing exclusively for this unique and knowledgeable audience.

Learning how to incorporate new software into the workplace and take advantage of its full potential can be difficult and time-consuming even for these professionals. This is why DuPrey's book is such a valuable addition to a technical library. In the span of a little over 300 pages he manages to demystify the Business Objects software suite and give step-by-step instructions on how to install, configure, and use it with a system running SAP BW.

Duprey carves out a clear path toward implementation of the software for his readers by filling his book with dozens of explanatory screen shots and charts. The author even takes his instruction a step further by offering expert guidance on subjects such as how to build an effective project team to support the use of any developed applications. Unfortunately, the textual flaws keep this book from reaching the heights of readability that its useful content demands.

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