CB and Her Pee Wees!
by Clare Brady
Trafford Publishing

"The children know that CB loves them. They also know that CB will take good care of them when their parents have to work."

In this modern world, many parents don’t have the luxury of staying home with their children, and day care services can be scary or lonely for children. Reflecting this shift in the family dynamic is CB and her Pee Wees, a book about how even though your parents have to go away to work, the day can still be filled with fun and love. Centering around a group of young bears who are all left under the care of CB, the kids play together, use their imaginations, nap, and go for a walk all before their parents come to pick them up. With CB taking care of them, the young children learn that having their parents gone can still be a positive experience if they keep an open mind.

The illustrations in this book have a unique textured quality to them that makes them stand out from similar children's book, and the modern message is both enjoyable and practical in easing the fears of young children for a situation that they may be less than thrilled about. The language and images in the book are all positive and soft, so that children know that going to day care is just another chance to make new friends and have adventures playing and laughing. CB and her Pee Wees is a great book to help a child get acclimated to spending days away from mom and dad, or just a helpful reminder that change isn't always necessarily a bad thing.

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