COMI: How To Consciously Overcome Mental Illness
by Nancy Lynne Harris, M.A.
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"As you begin to experiment with new thoughts, which you consciously add to your mind, you will begin to get results."

A spiritual healer who herself lived with debilitating depression after the death of her son, Harris is a strong proponent of using one's mind—and such practices as positive self-talk and self-praise—to overcome that which she argues any amount of prescribed pills or psychiatric treatment cannot: the ultimate healing of mental illness. Though we are taught from early on that we are human beings existing in a physical body in a material world, she argues we are more like individual soul lives that exist in a spiritual world. The attitudes we, as spirit beings, formulate—even down to the language we use and ways in which we regard our individual situations—shape our reality for us. In short, by thinking only positive thoughts, we can drive out the "demonic forces" which seek to wage battle over our lives if we are not spiritually vigilant. And this includes the world of mental illness.

Harris' enthusiasm for being able to improve one's mental situation is contagious. Because the author stresses the importance of positive self-talk, she makes the excellent point that the words we choose to describe our mental state necessarily become our reality. Even the simple act of frequently stating out loud to ourselves that we are okay, that we are whole, and that our God is always in control can prove beneficial to the reader who might be experiencing any kind of negative self-doubt in any realm of life. As such, this unique spiritual book on self-guidance and overcoming even the strongest of human negative emotional mind-states potentially has much to offer the average reader who may be struggling with mental illness or even a range of less extreme human emotions surrounding self-worth and negative self-image.

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