Can We? Comments and Recommendations 
for Preserving Our Nation
by Grant Rees Trafford Publishing

"When ‘Political Correctness’ trumps common sense, major problems occur like the massacre of American soldiers at Ft. Hood."

Rants about our perceived shortcomings as a nation are as American as apple pie, Bill O'Reilly and Jon Stewart. Rants that propose solutions are a slightly different dish. How satisfying to dig into this crusty, firm-fleshed tart of a book that proposes ways to fix the Constitution, an inept Congress, illegal drug use, WikiLeaks, immigration, and other hot contemporary topics, including reform of the U.S. Postal System.

Whether you agree or disagree with what constitutes a problem, let alone the solution, you'll be cheering the clear and definite style, where concise thoughts tumble in neatly arranged sections. Two pages condense the vast issue of immigration and offer security advice for our southern border, along with exhorting the federal government to reimburse states for illegal alien costs. Logic attacks federal funding with a no-nonsense blueprint for accountable spending.

Nine proposed amendments to the Constitution receive the most weight, and should fascinate those interested in constitutional law. An appendix on family stewardship, covering chores, manners and personal grooming to mold the nation's youth, will stir up moms and dads.

The author's brief bio reveals an educated, older man, with a naval background and an MBA. No further clues, such as a bibliography or footnotes, shine light on the veracity of some of his assumptions and statements. But the book is entertaining, less than fifty pages, and achieves its clearly stated goal of generating "meaningful discussions and debates for viable solutions for the nation’s present problems."

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