Cancer Is a Jinn (Demonic) Possession: The Ultimate Cure
by Dr Mira Bajirova
Partridge Press

"We should always remember we are under constant camera, every word and action are regarded by the angels."

There exist 351 sins in Islam. According to this faith tradition, disease is retribution for wrongdoing, a demonic possession that Allah allows to afflict the sinner. It is believed that modern Western medicine does not cure a disease but worsens it. Islam holds that drug treatments excite the demons, called Jinni, who make a patient sicker. This mirrors Hippocrates' belief that drug treatments are of no benefit whatsoever. Those who believe in the Jinni maintain that illness is curable by repentance and renewed devotion to Allah through good deeds, and that conversion to Islam heals sick unbelievers. Still, be careful, the Qur'an warns. The demons are wily shape shifters who can assume any form they choose. They can entrap even Allah's most devout followers, turning them into vain, greedy, lazy, or lustful people. But Allah is merciful; he only wants people to fulfill the sole purpose for which he created them: to worship him alone.

Bajirova is a licensed physician with fourteen diplomas from universities around the world. This book is her third publication about the power of demonic possession. She lists and explains all 351 sins and quotes extensively from the Qur'an to emphasize her points. She staunchly advises her sisters in the faith to be as religious, and as submissive to their husbands, as tradition requires. Her gender also does not soften her expression of disapproval of what Muslims consider sexual sins, such as adultery and homosexuality. This book provides little context for the assertions it contains, which may confuse those not of the Islamic faith. However, it could be of great benefit to an advanced student of Islam with considerable knowledge of the Qur'an and the basic principles of the religion. The extensive bibliography at the end may also prove helpful to readers in their quest to expand their knowledge of Islam.

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