"Business, quite understandably, has been repelled by the multiplicity of non-negotiable “demands” made constantly by self-interest groups of all kinds."

Millions of Americans work hard every day, trying to save up for their retirement or make a better life for their families only to be set back by medical bills and emergencies that seem impossible to recover from financially. Sharing his own story about working within the telecom industry, the author describes how the increase in the cost of living and the stalling out of salaries have led to a financial and political system that puts American citizens in an unwinnable situation. Using elements of a memoir, the style of an op-ed essay, and the political cartoons of Gary Huck, this book illustrates to readers all the ways that the deck is stacked against them and how, without massive policy changes, the American dream could now be just that: an unattainable dream.

As the subtitle suggests, each chapter of this book shines a light on one way in which our society has fundamentally changed from just a couple of generations ago, prohibiting people from achieving financial freedom and independence. From the two-party political system and the control of media narratives to modern concerns reflecting healthcare and the gig economy, multiple facets of the capitalist system are examined and explained in accessible layman’s terms. Each chapter also begins with a unique political cartoon that illustrates that topic in a visual and stark fashion. Not meaning simply to illuminate and depress its audience, the book shows that there are plenty of grassroots solutions to these national and even global problems, though they are not accomplished without serious coordination and effort. For those living from paycheck to paycheck and wondering why financial stability seemed so possible for the previous generations but now seems so far-fetched for the current ones, this book will answer all of those questions.

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