Carter and Ryder: My Little Brother Has Autism!
by TM Spivey
Author Reputation Press, LLC

"My brother is special to my family, and we didn’t know he would be a little different in what he does, but it doesn’t make any difference."

Carter had a great life as an only child, but he was excited when he found out he was going to have a younger sibling. When he met Ryder, he loved him from the start. Ryder, however, was different from other children, and his relatives had a hard time understanding him. Carter was able to help them understand what Ryder was trying to say. At first, they thought maybe Ryder had trouble hearing, but after further testing, they determined that something else was going on. Combined with other behaviors like spinning and waving his hands in the air, they were able to arrive eventually at a diagnosis of autism. After the diagnosis, they were able to get Ryder the help that he needed and create a new educational plan.

This book illustrates the difficulty surrounding the identification and diagnosis of autism. Autism affects many families of all different races and walks of life. While people with autism may seem different, they are still full members of families with a lot to love to share. Spivey conveys this message beautifully through the eyes of young Carter, who frequently expresses his joy for and love of Ryder. The illustrations in the book accompany the text well with many colors and depict lots of familial love and care. By telling the story through the lens of an older brother, the book gives a unique viewpoint that could be helpful for other siblings who may be experiencing similar situations. The brotherly love and care shine through the words and images to create a full and supportive picture of family.

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