Cat Tales: Da Real Pussy
by Mick E. Jones
PageTurner Press and Media

"I discovered that there were unwritten cat laws. If you feed a cat, you have to take it in or move."

In a heartfelt, hilarious tribute, author Jones salutes the felines that have pranced through his life. Elmo purposefully attaches himself to Jones and his family, staring soulfully into Jones's eyes while perched on the hood of his car, or waiting at the door "meowing to get his morning rubs." When a local flying squirrel threatens the relationship, jealous Elmo exacts revenge. Cool Cat is a charming female who seduces Jones with her calm demeanor and wriggles her way into his heart, his home, and finally into his closet, where she has a litter of kittens. A psychic predicts that Jones will encounter a black cat "from hell." Jojo fits that description. A "gift" from a friend, Jojo is a tough but loveable creature that delights in destruction. Melvan—like Jones, his son, and grandson—is a fighter, proving his prowess in a fur-flying match with the neighborhood dog that can't out-box this feline Muhammad Ali.

In this brief work, Jones moves the reader through many emotions and attitudes, not only about cats and other animals, but about God, nature, and the subtle sixth sense that allows humans to communicate with their furry friends. He writes with a rare combination of wisdom and wit, smoothly stretching metaphor to reveal his tolerant stance towards people and animals of all stripes and persuasions. Each cat has personality and endears itself to Jones and his family in its unique way. All provide fun, affection, and, at times, a deep feeling of attachment that the reader can readily grasp and share. The author states that he is not "pro cat" or anti-dog, as might be suspected, but instead is simply sharing his experience with "cat-messing." Jones's sincere approach to the subject is open-minded, meant to entertain and engage animal lovers of all ages.

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