Channel of Love
by Susan Carroll

"When we least expect it, a shift happens. We often do not see or feel it coming, but it is there, silently waiting to be recognized as the hand of God beginning to move in our lives."

This story about the author's "encounter with divine love" reveals a picture of her lifetime, both before and after her opening to God. The book begins in her childhood, teenage, and adult years before she focused on her recovery. She quit smoking marijuana but began to slide into alcoholism as she also loved the feeling of "drinking to feel good" and smoking cigarettes. Struggling with her mother's death and blaming others for her problems, she began focusing on a spiritual path while trying to stop her addictions. With this focus, she received communications from her deceased mother and then her spirit guide, Erob, (and other guides). But as she worked towards her recovery, she felt the presence of the "Evil One" who tormented her and caused a significant rift in the family, while trying to take her away from Mother and Father God. In prayer, she found release, forgiveness, and love.

An autobiographical work, the book takes readers through one woman's struggles and how she overcame such concerns through her spiritual focus. It is an honest, eye-opening look at the spiritual side of life, both from the focus on healing as well as on darkness and evil. It relates a beautiful description of her loving spirits and God. The presence of darkness is also thoroughly described. How she comes to terms with evil and its opposite, goodness, is shown in a heartfelt manner. Her stand against evil is described not through fear but faith. This book is a fascinating journey for readers, just as it was a fascinating journey for the author. It is well-written and an easy read on an engaging subject.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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