Check Mate: Wolf Sisters Series, Book 1
by Margy Millet

"Then they closed their eyes, enjoying the heat of their joined bodies."

Roger, a wolf mourning the loss of his wife and baby at a funeral, shifts into a wolf and runs off. Twenty-seven years later, Pilar (Pi)—a half wolf, half person—encounters Alton, a similar hybrid, at her office at the DEA and declares him “mine.” Alton has the same reaction toward her. Each has located their mate. Six months earlier, Roger, the father of Ari, Cris, and Pi, tells Alton that his dying wish is for Alton to find Pi. Pi and her two siblings search for Reed, Pi’s childhood crush, who is in trouble. To lure Reed’s captor, Willie, away from him, Pi pretends to be a prostitute then poisons Willie and escapes the house. The group then rescues Reed, and Pi and Alton consummate their relationship. While Reed is cared for at the wolf compound, Pi and her sisters feel stifled. Carla, Alton’s ex, attacks Pi. Alton and Pi first mate as wolves and then as humans.

The beginning and end of this paranormal thriller perfectly set up the reader for the next book in the series. The author’s narrative whet’s the reader’s interest for future topics such as the character development of the three sisters’ mother, challenges in Pi and Alton’s relationship, developments in the relationships between the sisters and the alpha wolves, and further adventures as the wolves and humans shift from one to the other. Alton and Pi’s relationship captures the reader’s imagination through detailed descriptions of lust and longing. In addition, the relationships between characters represent a variety of emotions, including familial love, strong friendship, irresistible lust, jealousy, curiosity, and determination. The sequel should be an enjoyable read.

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