Children in the Park
by Rosemarie E. Bishop

"Lilith walked the gardens she had created for herself with her ethereal magic. Fallen angel? Demon? Witch?"

In a novel that combines the immanent with the transcendent, the story takes us through the relationship between Lilith, the First Woman, and Samael, the Archangel of Death, and the ongoing saga of their interactions with humans, dead children, spirits, and faeries. The human story revolves around Steve and Elaina Maldier, an architectural engineer and an interior decorator respectively, who are summoned by Marcia Cranston in order to refurbish her mansion in Maine. Yet this journey begins with a secret that Steve is keeping from others, including his wife. Other family members also become involved as the human relationships keep expanding. As they focus not only on the changes for the mansion, the humans become entrenched with the ethereal, through good and evil, and who will survive an onslaught of terror.

Offering an interesting juxtaposition between the here-and-now realities of Earth life and the transcendent level of the story of Lilith and Samael—with a bunch of spirits and faeries thrown in—the book provides a fascinating read into the levels of all of existence and the battles between lightness and darkness, as well as the relationships of those who are dead. The two diverging storylines combine to reveal the remarkable work that is done on a higher plane for those living an Earth-bound life. Those who believe that Lilith is the quintessential first feminist may be disappointed by her role in this novel. But for others, the book offers a glimpse into the deeper storyline of Lilith and Samael, how energy evolves, and how humans can learn to co-create and to love not only each other but those on a different plane of existence.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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