Christmas Dinner To Go
by Ernest Boehnert
Trafford Publishing

"The Wilson family decided that this had been one of their best Christmas adventures ever. In spite of the difficult times at the start of the Christmas season, everything had a happy ending."

After a particularly challenging autumn, the Wilson family receives more bad news right before Christmas: Mr. Wilson has lost his job as a tour bus driver. In an attempt to make Christmas special despite their nearly indigent circumstances, Mrs. Wilson decides to make a pecan pie, the only treat they can afford. She sends young Richard and his little sister Naomi to the store for some corn syrup for the pie.

On the way home from the store, Richard hears a crash and investigates. He discovers a limousine that has crashed into a tree; its driver is unconscious and the passenger, Mr. Boswell, is unable to walk. Acting swiftly, Richard leaves his sister with the car as he rushes back to the store to call 911. After making a report to the police and making sure the chauffeur and Mr. Boswell are safely in the ambulance, Richard and Naomi return home.

The next day, as they prepare to celebrate Christmas, they hear a knock on the door. In a gesture of gratitude for Richard's help and bravery Mr. Boswell bestows gifts and an entire Christmas dinner on the family. Later, when he hears that Richard’s father is out of work, Mr. Boswell offers him a job as his new chauffeur. Heartwarming and endearing, this book embodies the true spirit of Christmas. Its illustrations make this a book for both young and old, and its message is one of hope, kindness, and love. This touching story can't help but leave the reader uplifted.

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