Chubby Wubbles
by M. J. Abrams
Trafford Publishing

"Life is all about striving to live your dream, but in reality there are challenges along the way."

Chubby Wubbles is a simple tale about a pet ferret that dreams about how much fun it would be living outdoors with other animals, only to encounter trouble once his dream is fulfilled. The inspiration for this story, which comes from a real pet ferret that belongs to the M. J. Abrams' son, is not only to help children better understand the unique qualities that are associated with this inquisitive creature, but also a valuable lesson about fulfilling dreams. As stated on the book's website, "Sometimes it's better to leave well enough alone than to venture out of your comfort zone."

There is a handful of instructional children's books on how to care for pet ferrets, but very few written about specific ferrets and their adventures. Abrams has incorporated a number of components that make it truly exceptional. While Chubby Wubbles is exploring his new home, he is always thinking aloud. Abrams' use of personification to describe a little child's thought processes draws young readers into the plot, making it easy to identify with Chubby Wubbles' curiosity. Children also learn the importance of caring for a ferret. Abrams includes how Chubby Wubbles' owner keeps him and his large new playpen clean, makes sure plenty of food and water is available, and spends quality playtime with him. Lastly, Abrams integrates photographs over illustrations, which personalizes the story.

"Dedicated to ferret shelters everywhere," this is an engaging read. Heart-warming as well as educational, this wonderful furry tale has all the essential elements to make it a childhood classic.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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