Chubby Wubbles: A Ferret's Tale
by M.J. Abrams
Trafford Publishing

"From then on, Chubby and Coco played together every day."

If there's one sure way to a child's heart, it's with cute, cuddly critters, and the next best thing to snuggling with a ferret is enjoying playful pictures of them. Young readers and adults alike are sure to fall in love with Chubby Wubbles and his pal, Coco. These two rambunctious ferrets live with Mark. Mark regrets that he cannot spend much time with his beloved pets because he is too busy at work. Mark's brother, Jeffrey, gladly welcomes Chubby into his home. Jeffrey takes good care of Chubby Wubbles and the duo have lots of fun together, but where is Coco?, Chubby sneaks out of Jeffrey's apartment to go looking for Coco. After a misadventure with some geese, Chubby is grateful when Jeffrey rescues him. Unfortunately, Chubby couldn't find Coco, and he misses his old friend. But there's no need to worry. This tale of two ferrets has a happy ending.

This is an emotionally touching story about the special relationships shared by animal friends and the humans who care for them. The author creates just enough suspense to keep kids engaged in the story and reassures young readers with the reunion at the book's conclusion. The delightful photographs and captivating text also impart lessons about the responsibilities of good pet ownership. Although Mark clearly loves his pets, he finds new homes for them because he understands that they need more attention than he can provide. This children's book is highly recommended, although parents would be well-advised to have a response ready to the inevitable query from their kids: Can we get a ferret, please?

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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