Cocoon: Water Child
by Veronica Red
Xlibris AU

"The new world is yours to explore and freely roam."

Written especially for the unique characteristics of water sign children, this book, describing the emergence of a butterfly from its cocoon, emphasizes the concerns of security, connection, and comfort as explained in the astrological study of water signs. The cocoon is compared to a mother’s womb for its ability to protect the caterpillar and keep it safe and secure. The emergence of the butterfly is described as a magical event. As the girl watches over the cocoon awaiting the birth of the butterfly, she relates to the caterpillar by playing music for it and comes to accept the butterfly as a friend, emphasizing the theme of connection. The narrative’s calm flow is maintained through poetry and imagery. For example, “The doorway is creeping open…” uses imagery to describe the imminent emergence of the butterfly from its cocoon.

Though Red’s unique children’s book is beautifully written for water sign children, it is appropriate for children of all astrological signs. The poetic language offers an interesting reading experience for parents and children and can foster discussion of poetry and poetic techniques like imagery. With its description of the cocoon and the butterfly’s emergence, educational discussions concerning aspects of animal life can be introduced. Creatively, parents might have children write a song for the girl as she plays guitar for the caterpillar. The emotional aspects of the relationship between the girl and the butterfly can also be discussed, helping to build social and cognitive thinking skills in young children. This small, insightful book offers many opportunities for discussion, and children will relate to the story of waiting for the butterfly’s birth.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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