Code Name: Spirit
by Colonel Don Wilson
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"It would take a concerted effort by law enforcement at all levels to clean up America."

Military Operations for the Prevention of Subversion (MOPS), a top-secret military organization, originally existed to fight Soviet aggression during the Cold War. Now, in the early twenty-first century, it serves to protect the United States from acts of terrorism by any country in the world. Only its members know it exists. Even the President is none the wiser. But when a new and devoutly Christian takes office intending to reclaim the soul of the nation for God, they reveal it to him. They place themselves at his disposal to fight terrorism as the need arises. MOPS becomes Counter Subversion Executive (CSE), and its agents keep their promise. Keenest to fulfill his duty is Lieutenant Colonel Hunter William “Bill” Bowman, code name: SPIRIT. Will love for their country be sufficient to carry him and his loyal team through perilous encounters with some of the world’s fiercest opponents of liberty?

By the author’s own admission, this novel presents an idealized America, one in line with his strongly conservative Christian beliefs. His passion for his faith is clear from his frequent quotations of both the Bible and Christian-themed assertions of various Founding Fathers, including Benjamin Franklin and Abraham Lincoln. Equally apparent is his love of country, which will likely increase the appeal of this book to fans of both spy novels and volumes about military history. It might also find an audience among educators in private Christian schools. Some women readers may take exception to the text’s consistent portrayals of female characters as sexually aggressive and available. Still, Wilson’s personal, long, and distinguished military service informs his minutely detailed discussion of his subject matter. He also shows sincere gratitude for his fellow military personnel’s courage and uncomplaining acceptance of hardship in the interest of the preservation of the freedoms he cherishes.

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